City of

Living on the Moon

What happens when a town goes from moonscape to lush greens? read on

What happens if we make nice?

Industries create pollution, industries pay for that pollution. But holding them accountable is a huge challenge. read on

A Tale of Two Toxic Cities

The New Jersey Zinc Company polluted two cities in a similar fashion, but the outcomes couldn’t be more different. read on

Perseverance of Palmerton

Jason Grant couldn’t see past the pollution that pervades Palmerton’s history, until he visited the town. read on

Zinc: Friend or Foe?

Zinc is a natural element, essential to life functions, Until we mess with it. Then it becomes deadly. read on

From Barren Brown Stems

Pollution is invisible, but beautiful walking paths by the Lehigh River allow more buy-in from people who may not otherwise be concerned with our environment. read on

Lead, lead everywhere

Lead has long been a problem in Palmerton. They are not alone. read on

Can We Press Rewind?

The Lehigh River is still suffering from former abuse, can it rebound? read on

The Mother of Superfund Sites​

To understand the impact of Superfund sites, it’s best to go back to the beginning. read on